Dentistry has, at times, been accused of being archaic and draconian. Indeed, it can seem like dental care stays the same as the rest of the world marches on — but that’s simply not the case. The implementation of painless dentistry practices or new teeth-whitening methods and the move from conventional braces to Invisalign are advances worth talking about.

  1. Invisalign

As recently as just a decade ago, the go-to for straighter smiles was a mouth full of metal. The ability to create more accurate molds of a patient’s teeth and bite, as well as the technology needed to create strong, accurate aligners that are transparent and barely noticeable, have made it possible for Invisalign to surpass traditional braces as the treatment of choice for correcting mild to moderate overbites, underbites and crossbites and for those wanting generally straighter, more even smiles.

Invisalign was founded in 1997 and has made great strides in the industry, allowing you to forego the tin grin while you and your dentist work together to create the smile of your dreams. Although other invisible aligners have tried to enter the market, none come close to the constant innovation and improvements made by Invisalign, which is why it remains the treatment du jour. 


  1. Light-Enhanced Teeth Whitening

Forget harsh abrasives as a method to whiten your teeth. While you’ll still need a bleaching agent to get your pearly whites shining, the means and methods for enhancing the efficacy of the treatment have changed over time. Harsh substances that wear away the enamel, potentially harmful UV rays to speed up the process and even harsher chemical additives in addition to the bleaching agent have all been used in the past. 


The most recent advance in the field is the use of “cold light” to enhance the effects of the whitening agent. Cold light, or light that uses shorter wavelengths, is now used to improve the bleaching process in dental offices around the world. The process, which originated in China, excludes infrared light and UV rays to reduce the damage done to the pulp of your teeth. While not available in every dental office, the dental industry is rife with products and tools that aim to make blue light or cold light technology more accessible and affordable to patients seeking brighter, whiter smiles. 


  1. HealOzone

If you’ve ever had a cavity, you know that the process of drilling and filling it can be anxiety-inducing at best and painful at worst. The image of a sadistic dentist with a drill is a classic stereotype that causes many people to avoid dental appointments altogether. As the dental world embraces painless dentistry, however, that frighteningly iconic trope becomes more and more a thing of the past. 


HealOzone is one such technological advance that strives to make dentistry even more painless than it already is. Rather than drilling cavities, the procedure applies ozone gas directly to cavities to kill off bacteria and dead tissue and make the site suitable for any repair work. 


While HealOzone is still new in the dental world and isn’t available everywhere — and it isn’t necessarily the most efficient or cost-effective way of dealing with cavities — the principle of finding new, painless and innovative ways to deal with dental problems is a philosophy that’s heartily embraced. 


  1. Tooth Powder

Toothpaste is one area of dental care that’s seemingly always brimming with options. From popular (and damaging!) trends like charcoal toothpaste to toothpastes that dull overly sensitive teeth, toothpaste is often a place to experiment with the newest offerings in the dental world. The common link? Toothpaste is almost always a gel or paste used to clean teeth. 


Enter tooth powder: the newest form of toothpaste that’s not a paste at all. A dry powder that’s applied to a wet toothbrush, powder comes in a variety of formulas to help take care of your teeth at home. From calcium-containing remineralizing powders to standard teeth-cleaning powders made from all-natural ingredients, powders are beginning to catch traction among consumers and dentists alike as we search for new and innovative ways of taking care of our teeth. 


Advances in Dental Technology

While dental technology moves slower than, say, improvements to the newest iPhone, they happen steadily and readily. And unlike the newest iPhone, you won’t have to stand in line for hours on end to experience the latest and greatest that dental tech has to offer.

Whether you’re trying to recover from a bad dentist who used outdated methods or want to start the process of getting a brighter, straighter or healthier smile, it all starts with booking an appointment. The office of Drs. Krieger and Hur is here to help.

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