Whether you’re looking for a couple’s date idea for you and your significant other for Valentine’s Day or are single and looking to kick up your dating life, a trip to the dentist can be a practical way to get things going. While it sounds as far from romantic as you can get, science has proven time and time again that good oral health can improve your romantic prospects and launch your love life into high gear. 

The Importance of Appearances

The appearance of your teeth and gums is important to your love life. Imagine kissing someone with gnarled, yellow, rotting teeth and a furry tongue. Sound appealing? Probably not, unless the person who owns those teeth has an endearing personality you’ve already come to love.

As humans, we place a lot of emphasis on visual stimuli, whether we want to admit it or not. Our first clues about others come from what we see. We all make snap judgements about a person’s responsibility, competence, maturity level, intelligence, socioeconomic status and romantic appeal when we first meet them, and teeth play a big part in that. How many times have you noticed a person’s smile before anything else? 


Appearances are twofold, though: teeth that look their best can boost your confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to project an air of ease and capability. And the way you carry yourself when you feel confident changes every aspect of your appearance, from your posture and body language to how you speak and interact with others. 

Health and Romance

Your teeth broadcast a lot of information, and some of that is a reflection of your health. Healthy teeth and gums are a fairly good indicator that you’re in overall good health. One of the things we subconsciously assess romantic partners for is their health and reproductive status: the healthier you are, the more ready you are for love (and, biologically speaking, reproductive capability).

It’s not just an illusion or correlative notion, though: oral health is linked to your overall health. Poor oral health can contribute to an array of issues from heart disease to Alzheimer’s — and it can also affect your fertility levels


If you and your partner have a short-term goal of adding to your family, getting your teeth taken care of now can improve your odds of success and help ensure an easier pregnancy and delivery later on. Even if babies aren’t in your immediate future, the biological factors that drive us to seek partnership are strongly rooted in reproductive health — meaning healthy teeth and gums make you look that much more appealing to those you’re trying to woo. 

Improving Your Smile

A basic cleaning can make already healthy teeth sparkle before a first date or relationship milestone and help you get perfectly kissable breath.  Because even a simple cleaning can cause minor irritation, inflammation or bleeding, it’s best to schedule your appointment for a few days before your date or to-do so you’re all healed up the day of.

For gaining bigger leaps and bounds in your confidence levels, consider a teeth-whitening treatment to let your teeth take center stage when you smile. Other cosmetic issues, like spacing, crowding or bite misalignments can be tackled with Invisalign, which can boost your self-confidence as you straighten your teeth because they’re practically unnoticeable. Improvements such as veneers can also give you the straighter, brighter, whiter smile you crave.

You might need other treatments to correct certain issues before obtaining teeth whitening or straightening, so booking an appointment for an exam and forming a treatment plan is an essential first step. 

How We Can Help

While we can’t promise you’ll leave our office with the smile of a movie star, we can get your teeth looking AND feeling their best — you’ll have extra spring in your step knowing you’re in good hands with the office of Drs. Krieger and Hur.

Whether booking a whitening treatment or a cleaning, an Invisalign consultation or a comprehensive exam, we’ve made it easy for you to secure your spot. Simply call our office at (201) 560-0606 or click here to send us an email. We’ll get you on the books — and in and out of the office — as quickly and painlessly as possible. A date with our office guarantees you’ll find love with yourself and your fresh, clean, dazzling smile!