Hard to Shop for a Teen? Give the Gift of Good Teeth This Holiday Season

It can be tough to shop for teens during the holidays. With wish lists saturated with high-tech gadgets that will be outdated by Easter to the ubiquitous answers of “I don’t know” or “nothing” when questioned about what they’d like, it’s difficult to give a gift that’s thoughtful, useful and enduring. Although a visit to the dentist may not top every teen’s holiday list, the gift of good teeth is one that keeps on giving throughout their lives — whether they know it or not. 

The Social Benefits of Good Teeth

Your teen will have an easier time in life if their teeth are straighter, brighter, whiter and in all-around good shape. It might seem superficial, but studies have proven that people with better teeth are viewed more favorably than their peers. The benefits extend to everything from romance (after all, who wants to kiss someone with bad breath?) to more positive results from job interviews (equating to better financial soundness). 

Part of the social benefit of having good teeth comes from within. When your teeth look and feel their best, your self-esteem and self-confidence improve. You’re better able to present yourself as a capable, desirable person, projecting an aura of authority and confidence. Some of the benefits are due to the stigma surrounding bad teeth — the appearance of which is sometimes associated with negative attributes like laziness, poverty or lack of self-care. 

For a teen who is worried about their dating life, or one who will soon start the journey on to college, getting their teeth in shape can be the boost they need to feel and be more confident. 

The Health Benefits of Good Teeth

Regular checkups and twice-yearly cleanings to keep your teeth healthy don’t just prevent dental problems — they can also prevent major issues in your overall health. The bacteria that cause dental decay can enter the bloodstream and cause issues in many parts of the body. As one notable example, the bacteria associated with periodontal disease can contribute to the development of heart disease. 

As if keeping your teen’s heart healthy wasn’t enough of a benefit, helping your child attain good teeth can potentially ward off diabetes and lessen the risk of some forms of cancer. Although your teen might not have to worry about fertility issues, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease at this stage in life, helping them attain a healthy mouth now can possibly reduce their risk of encountering these issues in the far-off future. 


Dental Care as a Gift

Giving your teen the gift of dental care may earn you the title of “lamest parent ever,” but it’s all in the presentation. Some teens, for example, may be excited to get straighter teeth with the prospect of Invisalign invisible aligners. Others may be stoked to know they’re going to get whiter teeth or veneers like their favorite Instagram influencer. 

Booking your teen’s appointment doesn’t look good wrapped up under a tree or handed off around a menorah, though: so giving the gift of dental care in a way that counts can be tricky. Some parents may opt to print out a fancy certificate for their teen. Others might go further and hand their child a novelty trophy. Still others might find a heartfelt card with a personal message written in it best — especially if cosmetic dental procedures are something your teen has been hinting at or asking for. 

How We Can Help

How you give the gift of good teeth to your teen is up to you, but when you book their appointment, the delivery is in our hands. The office of Drs. Krieger and Hur utilizes the latest technology to make every aspect of the process pain-free, pleasant and as non-stressful as possible.

To book an appointment for your teen this holiday season, give us a call at (201) 560-0606. One of our staff will be happy to set you up with a time that works. If you’re busy and on-the-go, you can also click here to send us an email and someone will be in touch to get your teen on our schedule.

We’re honored that you’d give a visit with our staff as a gift to your teen, and beyond thrilled to play a part in making sure the smile they have at the holidays is one they’ll have for many years to come.