Celebs and social media influencers always seem to have the brightest smiles. There’s a lot you can do to make the most of what nature gave you, but those in the spotlight may not exactly be au naturel when it comes to showing their pearly whites. If you, too, are searching for a million-dollar smile without spending big bucks, it can pay to try out some of the handy tips, tricks and lifehacks that’ll give you an Instagram-worthy grin. 

1. Get Your Teeth Cleaned So They’ll Look Whiter and Brighter

If you haven’t gotten to the dentist for your twice-a-year teeth cleaning, why not? Celebs and stars know that clean teeth look brighter and bolder. A good cleaning removes staining from your morning cup of coffee or that glass of wine you had with the girls — or those blueberries you gnoshed on for a midmorning snack. Not only do regular cleanings help your teeth look better, but they also help ensure your mouth’s continued health and wellness — win-win! 

2. Cheat with a Blue-Based Lipstick

You don’t need to forsake your signature red lipstick to get a brighter smile, but consider switching to a formula that has a blue or green undertone, rather than an orange or yellow base. Cooler-toned lipsticks negate yellowing and can make your smile look brighter by contrast. Some celebs go so far as to place a dot of purple pigment on their gums for photo shoots, but for everyday wear, that could get messy and sloppy. 

3. Say Yes to Self-Tanner

Sometimes having a whiter smile comes down to tricking the eyes of those around you. Don’t rush out and book a tanning sesh, though — avoid the unnecessary exposure to UV rays and give your skin a dewy glow with self-tanner. For a more temporary tan, consider adding a light bronzer to your makeup routine. Because your skin appears darker by contrast, your teeth will naturally pop more when you smile. Skip yellow tones or golden glitter, as these can enhance any yellow in your teeth. 

4. Book a Whitening Treatment

Do-it-yourself teeth whitening can be harmful to the health of your teeth, but that’s not to say all whitening is bunk. After getting your regular cleaning out of the way, book a teeth-whitening treatment with your dental professional for safe, lasting results that truly will make your pearly whites, well, white. 

5. Dress the Part

The same optical illusion that helps your teeth look whiter when you choose makeup with a cool undertone can be used throughout your clothing to make your teeth appear whiter than they really are. For a little extra wow, pick a blouse or dress that’s blue, plum or gray to really make your smile pop.

When choosing accessories, steer clear of bright white pearls and gems and instead opt for off-white hues. The shade of your jewelry will make your teeth appear to be the whitest and brightest part of your look. Similarly, white gold or silver will highlight your smile, whereas bronze or classic gold can reflect the yellow tones in your teeth and detract from the ultra-dazzling whiteness you’re aiming for. 

6. Ask About Veneers

If your smile is truly a concern and damaging your self-esteem to the point where you refuse to smile for photos or refrain from giving your loved ones a grin, ask your dentist about cosmetic enhancements like veneers. Veneers are false fronts that are attached to your teeth, giving them the appearance of being straighter, whiter and brighter. Not everyone is a candidate for veneers, so it’s worth bringing up at your next dental appointment — and discussing the alternatives to get you feeling great enough about your smile that you’re willing to show it to the world. 

We Can Help You! 

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