Adhering to a totally vegan lifestyle means looking for animal-derived ingredients in some of the strangest places. In the quest to eliminate animal byproducts from your life, you may have totally overlooked your dental care routine. Whether you’re vegan for health reasons, moral concerns, religious reasons or any other cause, it’s important to find cruelty-free oral care products that are free from animal byproducts AND provide safe, proven results for your teeth. These four vegan toothpastes check every — or almost every — box.

1. Hello

Owned by megacorp Colgate, Hello is not necessarily cruelty-free — something the corporation has been taking steps to remedy since 1999, when it declared it would test on animals only where required by law for importation of its products. Ethical vegans may wish to avoid the toothpaste because of the parent company’s policies.


Those who are vegan for other reasons may opt for Hello toothpaste, a line that includes vegan options for both kids and adults. These fluoride-containing toothpastes are ADA-approved, contain no animal products or byproducts — such as glycerin or propolis — and are readily available at big box stores. 

2. Tom’s of Maine

Tom’s of Maine is an independent subsidiary of Colgate and thus can be tricky moral ground for ethical vegans. The company’s mission statement specifically states that it allows no testing of finished products, ingredients or formulas on animal test subjects.


The company notes that some flavors of its oral care line do contain animal byproducts. While the glycerin in the products is plant-derived, some flavors contain animal-derived ingredients, such as the propolis and myrrh toothpaste. Despite this, Tom’s of Maine does make toothpastes that are both vegan AND conforming to ADA standards. The company has toothpastes that contain fluoride, have an ADA seal of approval and come in multiple flavor options geared toward both adults and children. To be sure your chosen toothpaste from this brand is vegan, it’s wise to double-check the label before purchasing. 

3. Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face is a brand of personal care products that’s proudly anti-cruelty and vegan. While the brand has chosen not to seek the ADA seal of approval for its oral care line, it offers some toothpastes that contain fluoride and others that are fluoride-free. With varying flavors and formulas to appeal to adults, teens and kids, the Kiss My Face oral care line is varied enough — and well-known enough — to be considered at the top of its field in providing cruelty-free toothpaste that is also free from animal byproducts. 

4. Dr. Bronner’s

If you’ve ever gone camping with a hardcore outdoors enthusiast, chances are you’ve been introduced to Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap. Hikers and campers alike use it for everything from soap to shampoo to toothpaste — and it’s absolutely vegan and cruelty-free, earning the Leaping Bunny seal.

If you’re not in the backwoods, however, you can enjoy a vegan Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste that actually tastes like toothpaste and not soap. The product, though free from fluoride, is a fan favorite among vegans and nature enthusiasts alike. If you’re opting for a fluoride-free toothpaste, speak to your dentist about other options for protecting your teeth, such as an anti-cavity rinse. 

Choosing and Using Vegan Toothpaste

It’s important to look for hidden animal-derived ingredients on your toothpaste labels if you’re striving to lead a wholly vegan lifestyle. Glycerin may be derived from plants or animals, so check with the manufacturer to see what its source is. Wax, propolis and honey are all derived from bees and thus are not vegan ingredients.

Many vegan toothpastes have flooded the market in recent years. Some are backed with years of experience in manufacturing personal care products or have been evaluated by the American Dental Association, but it can be easy to pick a paste or gel that’s not as safe or healthy for your teeth as you might like — especially if it contains harsh abrasives like charcoal or does not include fluoride. 

Talk to Your Dentist

While it’s always best to go with an ADA-approved toothpaste, there are definitely some circumstances — like veganism — that may lead you to choose an uncertified or fluoride-free toothpaste.

Talk to your dentist about your options for protecting your teeth from decay, bacteria and potentially costly and painful repairs resulting from using a nontraditional toothpaste.

The office of Drs. Krieger and Hur understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to oral health and hygiene. Even if we have to get creative with our product use or recommendations, we’re happy to help you live your best life. To get started with our office, please give us a call at (201) 560-0606 or click here to send us an email — a member of our staff will get back to you to schedule your appointment.