Moms seem to have to keep track of everyone’s important stuff, including their own. It can get hectic to try to juggle the commitments of work, school, extracurricular activities, social events or even the basic, everyday necessities like brushing teeth. Whether you want to eliminate battles over brushing with your youngest child or feel overwhelmed by it all and want more structure and organization to keep track of day-to-day life, these tools can help you get a better handle on the health and wellness of your whole family. 

1. Pokemon Smile

Gamifying life is nothing new — there’s an app to turn any boring household task or everyday duty into a game. Until now, none of them combined lovable characters from a major franchise with a focus on oral health and hygiene. 


Pokemon Smile is an app that reminds your children to brush their teeth — and allows you to set timers so you know they’re doing it for long enough. In the process, their brushing helps them save Pokemon creatures and earn fun rewards along the way.  For kids who are Pokemon-obsessed or those motivated by traditional chore charts and reward structures, this game takes tooth brushing to the next level. 

2. Planner and Journal Trackers

Maybe you’ve hopped on the art journal or bullet journal trends. Maybe you’ve got a freeform planner that allows you to doodle with abandon and create pixel-a-day charts for everything from your mood to your water goals. If you love the idea of marking off an accomplishment, consider adding a tooth brushing tracker to your journal or planner.

If you’re artistically inclined, you can create a tracker using a familiar format you prefer, or you can search Pinterest and Etsy for pre-made, printable trackers that you can color in as needed. 

3. Alarms and Reminders

Alarms are a great way to remind you of daily habits. Set an alarm on your phone to buzz you about brushing your teeth at predetermined times each day, or ask your smart home device like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa to schedule one for you. Fitness tracker watches also offer the option to buzz or remind you of alarms, so if you need an extra nudge, that may be the way to go. 


If you’d like a more advanced reminder that integrates other healthy habits, consider an app like Fabulous, Habitify or Routinist, which all allow you to set personalized goals to help create a healthier, happier routine. 

4. Make It a Family Activity

There’s no better way to streamline and instill proper form and good habits like making brushing a family activity. While limited bathroom space may require a little creativity to work around, it’s still possible to get into a rotation where everyone brushes their teeth at the same time. This gives you a chance to get it out of the way, an opportunity to know it’s been done and the peace of mind of having supervised the younger members of your family to ensure it’s done right. 


5. Timed Toothbrushes

Some kids just can’t hang in there for a full two minutes to properly brush their teeth. It’s not uncommon to brush for far too long or not long enough. Any digital or analog timer can work, but why not pick a toothbrush with an integrated timer to help your little one go the distance for their smile? Big-name brands like Oral B, Firefly Kids and Colgate all make electric toothbrushes for kids with built-in timers. Adults don’t need to be left out, though — Oral B, Philips Sonicare and other manufacturers of adult electric toothbrushes have also gotten hip to the need for timers on their toothbrushes. 

We Want to Know What Works for You

Every family is different, but what works for you and your family might also work for others. We want to hear what keeps your family on top of their tooth brushing routines — what simplifies and streamlines your life. The office of Drs. Krieger and Hur is always looking for new ideas and new ways to improve, so your knowledge could be what helps someone else, and we’d love to hear all about it at your next appointment. Whether you’re coming in for a routine cleaning, a treatment consultation or teeth whitening, we’re eager to hear what works — and doesn’t work — for you.

To give us the 411, book your next appointment by giving our office a call at (201) 560-0606. Or click here to send us an email to book your next spot. Let us know how many Pokemon you’ve caught just by brushing your teeth — we won’t tell your kids, promise!