There’s an obscure, fun holiday for nearly every occasion, and celebrating your favorite dental professionals is no exception. Two holidays that give you an excuse to say “thank you” to the people behind your stellar smile exist in the month of March: National Dentist’s Day and Dental Assistants Recognition Week.

National Dentist’s Day

National Dentist’s Day, which falls on March 6 every year,  is a day of professional observation set aside in recognition of our dentists. Those who work as dentists often get a bad reputation, painted as people who evoke fear or anxiety. But dentists do important work — from alleviating pain to recognizing oral health problems before they get out of hand.


 Dentists can even be the first ones to spot warning signs of some general health conditions like oral cancer. With new advances in technology and new understandings of health as a whole, most dentists strive to make comfort and painlessness the forefront of their practices — making the “thank you” suggested for National Dentist’s Day that much easier to extend. 

Ways to Celebrate National Dentist’s Day

While your dentist doesn’t necessarily need a thank-you for the work they do, it always feels good to hear you’ve done a good job — something you can do any day of the year. But there are some specific ways you can celebrate National Dentist’s Day. 


First, book yourself an appointment if you’ve been letting your dental health and hygiene slide. If you’re caught up on your appointments, feel free to let others know you think your dentist is the bee’s knees: word of mouth and a good recommendation go a long way in getting others into your dentist’s office. Whether you recommend your dentist to your friends in person or use the hashtag #NationalDentistsDay, spreading the word about how awesome your dentist is and what makes them great is a wonderful way to observe the holiday. 

Dental Assistants Recognition Week

Your dentist definitely does a world of good for your oral health, but what about the other folks who work in the office who help keep your smile looking and feeling its best? Dental assistants help keep the office running smoothly and wear a number of different hats, making for a highly stressful yet highly rewarding career.

The person working next to your dentist is almost certainly a dental assistant if not a dental hygienist — who have their own week of observation the first full week of April! — but may also be the person manning the phones, working with insurance providers or even taking X-rays. You may not ever know or recognize all of the things dental assistants do to keep your dentist’s office on track, which means these folks deserve a hearty and heartfelt “thank you!,” which we extend during the first full week of March each year. 

Celebrating National Dental Assistants Recognition Week

National Dental Assistants Recognition Week (sometimes abbreviated as DARW) gives the public a chance to extend that thanks. Just like celebrating National Dentist’s Day, you can observe the holiday by getting yourself into the office, or giving a shout-out to the folks who keep your favorite office running by tagging #DARW on social media with an explanation of what sets that practice above the rest. 

We Want to Hear from You!

We’re always honored when people choose the office of Drs. Krieger and Hur for their family’s dental needs, and we are especially touched by those who continue to come back for every cleaning, emergency, cosmetic touch-up or other need that may arise. We love helping you.

We don’t need any extra thanks beyond seeing you for your regular cleaning or checkup, which you can schedule by calling the office at (201) 560-0606 or by clicking here.Those in our office thrive on helping your smile shine its brightest, and we would be glad to have you celebrate these fun professional recognition holidays by getting into our office as soon as you can.