3 Ways Painless Dentistry Takes the Ouch Out of Whitening

Sensitive teeth and gums make dental care a chore rather than a much-needed chance for self-care. When your pearly whites are looking less than bright, it’s time for you to get into the office for a teeth whitening procedure. The old adage of “beauty is pain” shouldn’t apply to keeping your smile in tip-top shape; however, those with sensitive teeth may view pain as an essential part of dentistry. Teeth whitening doesn’t need to hurt, though. Painless dentistry can make the treatment not just tolerable, but manageable.

Sensitive Teeth and Pain


Sensitive teeth — or if you want to be fancy, teeth that suffer from “dentin hypersensitivity” — are teeth that cause you discomfort or pain when exposed to certain triggers. Hot or cold foods, for example, can be a source of misery. But what causes sensitive teeth, exactly?  

Sensitive teeth are usually the result of thin enamel. The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth that protects the sensitive inner parts from external stimuli. Some people have naturally thin enamel and sensitivity has always been present. Other times, the enamel wears down and thins out as a result of other causes, including but not limited to:

  • Over-enthusiastic tooth brushing that’s too rough
  • Using a toothbrush that’s too firm for your teeth
  • Tooth grinding whilst asleep or as a result of stress
  • Habitually eating acidic foods or drinking acidic beverages
  • Medical conditions that cause vomiting, such as bulimia or GERD.

The health of your gums also plays a part in having sensitive teeth. If you experience gum recession or are dealing with periodontal disease, there’s a good chance your teeth are more sensitive than is typical.

Pain from sensitive teeth is caused by the nerves being in closer contact with the stimuli that cause pain and discomfort. Treating sensitive teeth involves care to prevent pain and discomfort while simultaneously dealing with the (no pun intended) root cause of thinned enamel or gum recession.

Sensitive Teeth and Tooth Whitening


Owning a set of sensitive teeth isn’t a reason to forgo tooth whitening at your dentist’s office. In fact, opting for in-office whitening versus over the counter or home remedies to spiff up your smile is best if you experience everyday discomfort as a result of sensitivity.  There are many good reasons to see your doctor for whitening procedures, here are three of them:

  1. A good dentist is experienced in the principles of painless dentistry. If you aren’t sure what that phrase means, click over to the article on our blog here.  Pain relief measures that keep your visit stress-free make it more likely that you’ll see a treatment through to completion and walk away with a movie star smile that’s bright and shining.
  2. Unlike do-it-yourself or OTC remedies, sensitive teeth whitening performed by a dentist can minimize discomfort by using pain control measures not available to you at home, anesthetics are just one example. Your dentist is also better able to choose a teeth whitening procedure that doesn’t further wear down or compromise your enamel or pose a risk to already receding, sore and sensitive gums.
  3. In-office whitening with painless dentistry can prevent further tooth problems down the road. Because everyone’s smile is different, your dental needs — including sensitive teeth — are not covered by a solution bought at a drugstore. At home whitening products can include harsh ingredients that may make your teeth look bright for a time, but may also contribute to further problems down the road. Your dentist knows all about teeth and can tailor a treatment to your individual needs.

Booking a Painless Teeth Whitening Treatment


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