Do you need a tooth replaced?

Dental Implant Dental implants have become the standard of care in dentistry when it comes to replacing missing teeth. In the first phase of treatment, an artificial root made of titanium is placed into the bone. The implanted root is then allowed to heal and integrate with your bone. We’ll then build you a new tooth, designed to match your smile in shape, size, and color. You’ll be able to floss your implant just like you would your natural teeth, minimizing tissue inflammation.

Dental Bridge When a patient isn’t a candidate for a dental implant; a dental bridge is another option. It’s a multiple visit procedure. During the first visit, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are modified to allow crowns to cover them. A custom impression is then taken so that the lab technicians can fabricate your bridge: two crowns with a floating tooth in between to fill the missing tooth space. While waiting for your permanent bridge to be fabricated, you’ll wear a temporary bridge fabricated by our clinical team. Both the temporary and permanent bridge will match your smile by shape, size and color. A typical bridge procedure can be completed in 2 visits, 2 weeks apart.

Veneers Veneers are one of the cosmetic options we offer to enhance your smile. Are you unhappy with the size or shape of your teeth? Are you tired of failed whitening attempts? If you’re dissatisfied with your smile, veneers may be the answer for you. A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain used to make minor changes to position, shape, size or color of your anterior teeth. We fabricate veneers onsite using a 3D printer in just one visit. However, in cases involving multiple teeth, we fabricate the veneers over multiple visits for the best aesthetic outcome. During that time, you’ll wear temporary veneers. The permanent veneers are not delivered until you’re satisfied with the details of your new smile.