About Us

Nervous? We get it.

That’s why we only hire the most compassionate people into our team.
People that get you’re more than just a patient. You’re a person.
A person with fears and anxieties (especially around the dentist).
And we take time to answer all your questions and make sure…

You know exactly what’s going to happen.

You’ll be comfortable and at-ease.

Whether you’re a full time professional, full time parent, or a bit of both – your schedule is packed.

And every minute away from it means a minute away from what truly matters: Your family, friends, and the life you’ve worked so hard for.

That’s why we pride ourselves on efficiency.

And we’ve invested in trendsetting technology that: Allows us to build you a beautiful smile with precision (maximizing both quality and efficiency). Gets you back to your life in less time - and less visits – than traditional offices. So you get the best of both worlds: more time and a confidence-boosting, long-lasting smile. Don’t waste another minute with a smile that holds you back.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Krieger, Dentist

Dr. Krieger has been married to his best friend and high school sweetheart Sheila since 2002.