A Little Wisdom for Your Wisdom Teeth

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed — or even if you have and you’re getting ready to help a family member through the process — there’s plenty to know about the available procedures. Not everyone needs oral surgery, plenty of troubling wisdom teeth can be removed right in the office. Whether you’re having them out in the office, though, or at a general oral surgeon, one thing’s for sure. You should be prepared.

Preparation means not just having a lot of soft food ready for your return home, but a little information to keep your brain from dreaming up the worst of nightmare scenarios. In many cases, wisdom tooth removal is a lot less painful and troubling than leaving them in.

Everybody knows somebody who had their wisdom teeth out and got horrible dry socket, or had another horrific nightmare scenario. The truth is that not every wisdom tooth has to be cut out, not every recovery is that hard and for a lot of people, taking those teeth out is easier than leaving them in.

Even so, all the urban legends surrounding the most wise of the teeth can be enough to get you completely rattled and possibly consider running for the hills rather than having a dentist remove them for you in their office. I promise you, not every wisdom tooth extraction is awful — many are only mildly annoying, tops. Even so, it’s good to be prepared, that’s why I found this article from Self that will explain further what you can expect when you put yourself in the hands of a dentist or an oral surgeon.

Source: https://www.self.com/story/wisdom-teeth-removal-facts

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