If You Love Dental Drilling, Raise Your Hand!

I know you hate having dental fillings done. They’re no fun for anybody, but they’re a necessary part of maintaining your oral health. I do them because I care, not because I want to hurt you, I promise. But what if I didn’t have to do them anymore? What if you could just come to my office and get an easy treatment and your teeth would magically heal?

Sounds pretty crazy-awesome, doesn’t it? Well, it might not be so far out of the realm of possible, according to a British researcher. Come over to the blog and read about this and let me know if you think you’d prefer this to the old fashioned way of dealing with cavities.

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease that has affected far too many Americans and their families, but there are throngs of researchers looking into treatments each and every day. Because of that, sometimes these guys notice that the medications they’re testing have strange side effects they could not have predicted. That’s sort of what happened with the drug Tideglusib.

Apparently, someone had some lab mice with cavities, because it was these little guys that first showed signs of healing their own cavities with the help of this drug. It was pretty amazing. See, normally you can heal a thin layer of the hard stuff on your teeth (dentin), but you can’t really make real inroads to fixing a cavity. Tideglusib changes that, at least in mice. It turns off the enzyme that shuts off dentin formation, allowing it to grow unhindered until your teeth are restored — at least, if you’re a mouse.

I’d love to make your visits to my office better by removing the drilling and filling aspect. Read up on this new discovery and let me know what you think!

Source: https://www.sciencealert.com/alzheimer-s-drug-could-be-used-to-regrow-teeth-six-weeks

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