Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene Whilst Traveling

Whether you’re going down the shore for the holidays or jet-setting to Europe now that the kids are free from school routines, travel is no reason to let your dental hygiene lapse. In fact, paying extra attention to the health of your teeth and gums while you’re on the go can help you prevent a dental emergency when you’re far from home — an event that would certainly put a damper on your adventures.

Keep to the Plan

Brush, floss and rinse as you would normally. Vacation is no reason to slack on the basics. Because you’ll be away from home, you’ll want to ensure you have adequate supplies — or plans to get them — on your trip. A dental emergency can be painful and miserable, and you’ll waste time you’d otherwise spend making priceless memories. Avoid having to find a dentist and pay for an emergency visit in an unfamiliar place by sticking to your regular routine of brushing, flossing and rinsing your teeth, tongue and gums.

At bare minimum, you’ll need to brush and floss upon waking and before sleeping. Grab a travel toothbrush and case and enough floss to make it through your trip without having to worry about running out. If you’re flying, pack these essentials in your carry-on luggage in case your checked bags get lost, re-routed or delayed.

Making Preparations

If you’ll be embarking on a trip where water is scarce — such as camping or a vacation to an area where water quality is poor — think ahead with an eye toward what you’ll need to brush your teeth and stick to your routine. Whether it’s packing a biodegradable toothpaste so you can brush at your campsite or figuring out where to get bottled water at your location, make a plan so you’re less likely to ignore your teeth and gums.

If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll have a limit on how many and what size liquids you can bring. Either obtain travel-sized, TSA-approved versions of your favorite toothpaste and mouthwash or make plans to purchase some once you land. For those traveling abroad, research your destination’s options for toothpaste before embarking — that way you can grab a product off the shelves and go.
The exception is, of course, if you use a prescription rinse or toothpaste recommended by your dentist. If comparable equivalents exist at your vacation destination, ask your dentist where to obtain sample sizes or what else you can use for the duration of your trip.

Get Checked Before You Go

Just like you’d get a checkup at your primary care doctor to ensure you’re in shipshape for a trip, it’s a good idea to visit the dentist prior to leaving on a long vacation to make sure your teeth and gums don’t have any issues that could interfere with your holiday. Your dentist can give you a good cleaning, too, to ensure your vacation photos need no filters and no touch-ups for you to feel as good looking back on them as you did taking them.

Book a checkup with your dentist prior to embarking on a vacation to cover the basics and pitch any questions you may have, such as what to do in case of an emergency while traveling and what self-care is important for your particular vacation — a vacation centered around scuba diving, for example, may need more attention paid to your oral health because you’ll be wearing a mouthpiece often.

Book Your Appointment Today

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