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The group was hushed in quite solemnity as they entered the ancient halls of Leicester Cathedral.

The only sound that could be heard was the rustling of papers as they shuffled through the heavy wooden doors and stepped onto the brightly lit building, huge arches allowing light from the giant windows of each area to pour into the next. Their intricate stained-glass work told stories of medieval figures like St. George and St. Martin, as well as more modern heroes from the first World War.

Awestruck isn’t a strong enough word to describe how the tour group collectively felt. It was so much more — they were enchanted as their surroundings and imaginations carried them back in time inside the Norman-era building dressed in Victorian garb.

A Walk Through History

An older gentleman approached the group, his tailored jacket perfectly matched to his tailored pants. His black-framed glasses perched upon his nose in that way that makes a person think they’ve already done something wrong before he even uttered a word.

“Is this the group in its entirety?” He asked, his tone implying that he was on a very tight schedule and couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer.

“Yeah, yeah. This is everybody.” The tour guide responded.

“Fine. Then let us proceed.”

The older man clasped his hands together at his waist and began what was clearly a well-practiced speech.

“Welcome to Leicester Cathedral, the final resting place of King Richard the Third of England and the last of the Plantagenet kings. The cathedral has been at this location since before 1100 AD, but was added on to over time and heavily restored during the Victorian period by architect Raphael Brandon. Even then, it contained a cenotaph memorial stone to King Richard. The beautiful window you see behind you is known as the East Window. It was installed as a memorial to those soldiers who fought and died bravely during World War I.”

He cleared his throat and stared at the group of tourists with annoyance.

“But I suppose you’re here to see the King, like the other American tourists. Simply can’t be bothered to appreciate a fine flying buttress or handsome nave roof… come this way.” The man motioned to the group to follow him as he sighed heavily.

He led the Americans to an alcove separated visually from the rest of the cathedral with intricately detailed woodwork, where a low-lying black base bearing the words “Richard III” and “Loyaulte me lie” was installed. Atop the black platform was a massive, pale rectangular stone with a cross cut deeply through the smooth, veined surface.

“King Richard the Third ruled England from 1483 until his death in 1485, at the age of 32. Even though his reign was short, he was a pivotal figure in the history of the United Kingdom, as well as the history of the monarchy. Richard took the throne after his brother, Edward the Fourth, died and his marriage was declared bigamous, prohibiting Edward’s son from inheriting the throne.

“King Richard was a noble ruler, brave and true. He dosed two rebellions against the throne, promoted the concept of legal fairness in a time when the legal system was largely ruled by coin and died bravely on the battlefield during the Battle of Bosworth Field during the War of the Roses. He was a man of great stature, of ironclad nerves and….”

“…excuse me…” A nondescript man stepped forward out of the group, wearing a long, white lab coat.

“Will you Americans ever learn any manners?” The older man asked, clearly irritated.

“Well, it’s just that King Richard the Third was actually a very anxious man. Not that he didn’t have reason to be. The times he lived in were extremely troubling, hygiene was almost non-existent, everybody was out to kill him and, you know — he’d done and seen some pretty terrible things.”

The older man stared the man in the lab coat down as he moved to face the tour group. The whole group reeled when he pulled a human skull out of his canvas knapsack.

“Don’t worry,” the American said to the group as he laughed nervously. “This is just a replica. It’s not real.”

He removed the jaw to expose the King’s teeth to the group.

“See here, and here? That wear pattern is caused by stress-induced bruxism. Teeth grinding. Some of this other stuff, like this and this, is from the dental surgery at the time — that must have been brutal. But that’s the price you pay in medieval England for eating lots of carbs and sugar, as evidenced by these decaying teeth here and here.“

“So, basically, Richard the Third was a nervous wreck and a stress-eater who would have ended up with some kind of serious dental problems if he hadn’t been killed in battle. I guess that’s a lot better thing to build a legend around than dying because of too many fruit pies.”

The older man’s mouth hung open in exasperation. “This is most irregular! Who do you think you are!?”

“I’m the Dentist.” The American said, turning away from the group in the chaos that ensued and slipping into the nearest shadow.


Sleep Apnea

Every morning, it seems like they’re deeper and darker. The heavy black bags under your eyes are getting harder to hide and is it your imagination, or is your hair starting to fall out? Your whole body feels heavy and bloated and it’s starting to show in everything you do. Even your close friends have asked if you’ve been sick lately.


“We’ve — we’ve found the Queen!” the trembling voice bounced across the marble floor, to the crowd that had gathered, eager to hear any news of their missing ruler.

They shifted nervously as they awaited further instructions. There would be a lot of questions to answer, lots of gears had to start turning right now.

Picture it.

You’re walking into the club holiday gala with your gown falling around you in elegant waves, your carefully chosen jewelry catching the light, adding a prismatic touch to the dreamscape.

You step into the main hall, where all your friends and social connections are gathered, your heels deftly announcing your presence, echoing across the marble slab. The light falls on you and you give your biggest smile — to a room full of gawking stares and gasps.


The only pain associated with a deafening sound of grinding teeth tends to be to the eardrum. Also known as Bruxism, it’s not typical to have any symptoms or issues other than being irritating at night. Over the course of time, regular and persistent teeth grinding creates discomfort in your jaw muscles. In due time, your pearly whites will become not so pearly little stumps from unnecessary wear. Bruxism can also be the cause of your headaches and earaches.

Bruxism is painful on the ears - MKDMD

While the majority of teeth grinding happen during sleep, around 20% happens while awake. Stress and anxiety play a role here, although you’re usually more aware of daytime grinding. Bruxism, while awake, can be as simple as clenching your teeth and jaw. Most of us do this without much thought, during stress-filled situations.

Update: Nov 22, 2016

The engineer of a commuter train that slammed into a station going double the 10 mph speed limit, killing a woman, suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea, his lawyer said Wednesday, and a U.S. official told The Associated Press that investigators are looking at it as a potential cause.

They say you should get at least eight hours of sleep per day. But if you’re constantly waking up in the morning with headaches, fatigue, irritability, or you’re spouse is relentlessly complaining about your snoring … the call for concern might rest on your quality of sleep rather than how much. Sleep apnea is a serious disorder.

Despite over 18 million Americans having signs of sleep apnea, only about 25% seek medical attention. Sleep apnea is highly undiagnosed even though treatment is simple. If you’re finding yourself still tired when you wake up or you’re being hounded by your spouse for snoring – it might be time to call our dental office in Franklin Lakes for a sleep apnea consultation.

Stop snoring with an oral appliance

You may be wondering how a dental office can help you to stop snoring and help correct your breathing during the night. First let’s dive into a few details about sleep apnea first…


Prevention is far better than cure when it comes to dental health. Studies have proven neglected oral health is often the precursor to serious chronic diseases.

Oral health neglect leads to an overall to serious health issues
80% know that delaying treatment now will cost more in the long run

Poor dental habits result in cavities, loss of teeth, and painful inflammation of gums. Since your pearly whites are the first step in the digestive process as you chew your food before swallowing… any infections in the mouth lead to a gateway of infection in your major organs.

The most common diseases seen are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, stroke, and dementia. You can also experience intestinal failure, as well as irritable bowel syndrome.

What our patients are saying...

Joan Sattler
Joan Sattler
01:27 18 Oct 17
Dr Krieger and his staff are always very informative regarding dental procedures. This emergency visit really showed how gentle, caring and talented he and his amazing staff are. Their facility is state of the art.
Joseph Frodella
Joseph Frodella
19:45 06 Jul 17
A great Experience at Dr Krieger along with his great staff.
Kathryn DiPeri
Kathryn DiPeri
00:23 01 Jul 17
I had broke my front tooth haneously years ago and Dr Krieger fixed it to perfection back then. This past weekend I bit down on Saturday re-fracturing off a piece of the prosthetic tooth. I was devestated. There was no pain bc the nerve was gone from prior root canal so that was good at least. I work 12 hour shifts and was on all weekend. I left a message at the office Saturday night explaining what had happened and stating "I'd appreciate if they could squeeze me in just for consultation Monday as it was my only day off." I got a text response from one of the office staff on SUNDAY asking if I could come in Monday at 11am!!! PERFECT. It wasn't only a consult. In less than an hour, Dr. Krieger and Lauren assisted in replacing the broken tooth for a shiny new one at a HUGE discount and i even opted to get some whitening done in the mean time while the mold of new tooth (which was kept on record) was formed with their state of the art technology! I couldn't have been happier with the service or outcome of my beautiful smile. I always get compliments on my smile and teeth and no one believes the front one is fake!!! This Office is accommodating and asthetically the best. Thank you so much Doc, Lauren and the rest of the team!read more
Kruno Kunkera
Kruno Kunkera
13:57 27 Jun 17
good as always. Very reliable and courteous. My teeth are in good hands.
Kate R
Kate R
15:29 22 Jun 16
My experience with Dr. Krieger and his whole team was GREAT. No pain even though all my teeth had to be pulled.And my replacement looks SWEET! Not afraid to smile anymore . They are all very professional and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. And if you have any questions they are happy to answer them.I LOVE THEM ALLread more
Mary P
Mary P
02:09 24 May 16
They are friendly , professional, and always do a great job. They make accommodations for me and my family whenever they can. I've NEVER had a bad experience and I can't imagine going anywhere else!
Jason S
Jason S
15:55 19 Feb 16
What a great experience! The office was clean and organized and everyone was extremely friendly. I had a broken tooth and was taken care of by Dr. Hur. She was very caring and she and Lenia worked together like a well oiled machine. One of the best parts (besides the dental chair that had heat and massage built in!) is that I went in with a broken tooth and left with a finished crown! It's unbelievable to have had it completed in one visit. At other practices I've been to, it would have been at least 2 visits. Super awesome technology!read more
Julie D
Julie D
00:10 03 Dec 15
I have been to some pretty horrible dentists in my life. Dr. Hur has been helping me to get back on track with a lot of the dental work I need. She is as gentle as can be and makes you feel relaxed and at ease even if she is performing a root canal. The other staff members also make you feel right at home and really value your time. I would recommend this practice to anyone, but especially for people who have special dentistry needs as the technology and great attitude offered by this group makes your experience much more pleasant. read more
Samantha R
Samantha R
15:48 13 Oct 15
I have just completed my cosmetic case at the Franklin Lakes location. The staff there go above and beyond to make sure that you are set for your appointments, comfortable while waiting and check if you need anything while you there. I was traveling abroad for work and they made sure to i was set and comfortable with my case before i hopped on the plane for a week! I was so grateful for them since I was nervous about starting the case early but with Dr. Krieger and his staff everything was smooth sailing. Thanks to Dr. Krieger and his wonderful team!!read more
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