Shine Brighter This Season With a Fresh Dental Cleaning

Picture it.

You’re walking into the club holiday gala with your gown falling around you in elegant waves, your carefully chosen jewelry catching the light, adding a prismatic touch to the dreamscape.

You step into the main hall, where all your friends and social connections are gathered, your heels deftly announcing your presence, echoing across the marble slab. The light falls on you and you give your biggest smile — to a room full of gawking stares and gasps.

Could it be that you skipped your yearly dental cleaning and all those glasses of red wine are starting to show on your enamel? Is it possible that too many caramel macchiatos have turned your healthy, snow white teeth dingy, dark and dirty?

Your Teeth Complete the Outfit

Everybody knows that if you don’t brush and floss regularly, your teeth will eventually just fall right out of your head, but those regular cleanings are vital, too. Far worse than a wardrobe malfunction, stained and darkened teeth are big time confidence killers. Forget that new tube of bareMinerals Srsly Red, because all it’s going to do is highlight just how badly you need a cleaning.

But, the benefits of a regular cleaning go well beyond the cosmetic. Even though white teeth are an outward sign of good health, it turns out that something as simple as a routine cleaning can help reduce your risk of cancer. It’s an easy way to stay ahead of more serious periodontal disease, which has also been linked to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

So, What’s Involved in a Cleaning?

There are basically two kinds of cleanings that dentists do: a basic cleaning, known as prophylaxis and a deep cleaning (aka. periodontal scaling and root planing). Most of the time, you’ll just be coming in to get a basic cleaning. That’ll take care of the surface stains from stuff like red wine and coffee, any build-up that’s accumulated since your last cleaning. And it’ll give our doctors an opportunity to check your gums and mouth for any treatment areas.

If you need a deeper cleaning, it’ll be because you skipped a few visits to the dentist and a little bit too much build-up accumulated. Don’t be ashamed if you missed a year or two, we know you’re busy with soccer games and giving back to the community. Life gets in the way sometimes. Sometimes it gets in the way a lot, like when you’re raising toddlers!

During your visit, you may also receive x-rays along with your cleaning. These detailed digital images let us get an inside view of your overall dental health before we start cleaning — that way we don’t miss any damaged areas that can cause you serious pain.

Quick, Painless and Easy

Even if you’re getting a little less press than Kate Middleton’s pregnancy these days, having a beautiful smile makes a huge difference to how the people in your social circles view you. A smile says you’re confident and successful, hiding your stained smile could say the opposite — after all, what’s to smile about? But we know better.

That’s why the office of Dr. Krieger and Dr. Hur makes it easy to get an appointment that works for your busy schedule. Now is a great time to schedule your next dental appointment, before you lose those dental benefits you’ve accumulated this calendar year.

By taking advantage of the latest technology, we can keep your appointment time as brief as possible, while giving you all the benefits of a thorough visit to the dentist. And best of all, you’ll walk out of our office with a smile so big and bright that people can’t help but stop and stare — in amazement.

This year, be the light of the holiday season with a bright, fresh dental cleaning. A beautiful set of teeth really is the best accessory for any outfit, whether you’re opening gifts with the kids early in the morning or dancing late into the night in a more adult setting.

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