Dental crowns in a day saves you time

What is a crown for a tooth? Dental crowns, which some patients and dentists may refer to as a “cap,” is a restorative treatment for covering a natural tooth. A tooth is often damaged by trauma or decay, which may keep it from functioning properly and make it more susceptible to breakage, which can lead to the need for extraction. Instead, by protecting the tooth, patients can maintain the tooth and its beautiful appearance.

The beauty of a smile extends beyond the emotion being conveyed. Healthy teeth are beautiful. We tend to think of them as being only opaque and white, yet no other white object can compare. Tooth enamel is actually much more aesthetically complex than you may realize. It is not one shade of white but several. The color is slightly graduated with subtle variations. Enamel is also semi-translucent, and opalescent, providing that mesmerizing radiance that we so love. These qualities are difficult to duplicate with materials such as plastic.

Dental crowns can complete your smile

Porcelain is highly regarded as the superior material for cosmetic dental restorations. It reflects and refracts light like tooth enamel, with virtually identical opalescence. The precise coloring and degree of translucency can be adjusted during manufacturing, for optimal aesthetics. Porcelain is also extremely hard, like enamel.

Science and technology have revolutionized our world, including dentistry, in many ways. Not only do we have stronger, more beautiful materials, we now have faster ways of creating dental restorations. At the office of Dr. Krieger and Dr. Hur, we use a state-of-the-art machine called the E4D ceramic milling system. This allows us to create top quality, customized porcelain crowns right here in our comfortable office. This process is complete during your visit. No need to come back for round two, it’s all done same day!

The benefits include:

  • Enjoy the convenience of single-visit dentistry
  • No need to wear a cumbersome temporary crown
  • No waiting for a laboratory
  • Advanced software allows us to design your crown with mesmerizing accuracy
  • Computerized milling process ensures precision in the fabrication process
  • Did we mention no need to come back for a second visit?
  • Don’t choose between speed and quality — you can have the best of both worlds

Dental crowns have long been the most efficient way to restore functionality and prevent damage to compromised teeth. At the office of Dr. Krieger and Dr. Hur, our dental crowns are the most beautiful and convenient way to restore your smile. Call us at (201) 560-0606 to schedule a consultation today or fill out the form on this page to request an appointment.