Tips for a Happier Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day — a day for lovers and mutual exchange of oral bacteria.

From a dentist’s point of view, those deep, passionate kisses are just opportunities for you to contract all sorts of strange germs, but hey, what do I know? The good news is that there are some ways to lower your risk this year, keep reading…

Valentine’s Day is for lovers and bacteria. There, I said it. When it comes to contracting oral diseases, Valentine’s is really up there. Most people don’t know that you can actually pass the bacteria that causes cavities, for example, to your romantic partner while kissing. Oh, the things you learn in dental school.

You should probably investigate the oral health habits of anyone you’ve considered kissing, or you could be a regular person and just visit your dentist regularly and keep your own house in order. The American Dental Association’s Mouth Healthy blog has some great tips for keeping your mouth extra sanitary for this year’s annual saliva exchange celebration. Hooray!


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