3 Reasons a Bright, White Smile is What’s in Fashion this School Year

Oh school days, school days, those simple Golden Rule days. While we may have rosy memories of being the same age as our children are right now, peer pressure is a big thing for kids of all ages. The right jacket, the right shoes, the right friends — it all makes a huge difference to how successful your child can be within their peer group.

Chasing evolving fashion trends can be tricky, but there’s one thing that is always in style and makes a huge difference to how your child (and your family) is perceived: a bright, white smile.

Your Child Deserves the Best Start

No matter what grade your child is entering this year, they deserve the best chance at reaching their dreams. You bought all the high dollar calculators, the latest clothes and all the rest, but did you consider scheduling a dental checkup for them?

It’s ok, it’s not too late to get in. In fact, the sooner, the better so your child can reap the benefits of a beautiful smile that include:

Improving their confidence. The biggest boost that a bright white smile brings to the table is confidence, hands down. When it comes time to elect a Homecoming Queen or Student Body President, your child won’t hesitate to jump on the opportunity. Confidence is magnetic and attracts opportunity in an almost magical way.

Projecting a trustworthy attitude. According to a 2012 survey, Americans are overly judgemental when people have less than perfect teeth. For example, half of the people involved in the survey project reported that they believed that people with dental problems were less likely to land a job when compared to people with perfect teeth. That’s a painful truth there, how your child looks may be the difference between being part of the right crowd and the wrong one.

Helping shed daily stress. When your child has an incredible smile, it’ll be hard for them to not show it off! As well they should! Smiling not only trains your brain to look for the positive in life, but it also helps your child shake off all that stress from school. Remind them to smile when they get home, when they’re doing homework and at any opportunity to keep the good vibes flowing!

On top of these great benefits of a winning smile, having regular dental cleanings and checkups means that if your child starts to develop any sort of dental problems, from a simple cavity to gum disease, it will be caught early and long before it’s noticeable to anyone else.

A Winning Smile is an Investment in the Future, Too

Sometimes we want to believe that the scales are balanced, but the truth is that a great smile can really take you places. Whether your child is trying to get into an elite school or make the basketball team, a beautiful smile helps to set others at ease, as well as giving the impression that the smiler is a team player. No matter their age, a great smile opens lots of locked doors.

Drs. Krieger and Hur are waiting to hear from you about that check-up and cleaning for your child. We also offer Invisalign if your teen has a sparkling, crooked smile that needs a little attention. No matter what sort of dental services you need, though, we’re here to help you and your child look your best!

Call us today at 201-560-0606 or send us an email to make an appointment!

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