Shhh!  It’s Our Little Secret! Invisalign Straightens Teeth Invisibly

It wasn’t until college that you realized that little gap in your teeth wasn’t really as cute as you thought it was.  Or maybe it’s a couple of upper teeth that shifted a little funny when you had your wisdom teeth out that really embarrass you these days.  Whatever your dental stigma, it’s distressing to the point that you’re afraid to smile in family photos. Your selfies are always with your kids, with their heads carefully placed so your teeth don’t show. 

Face it.  It’s time to do something about your upsetting smile.  You’re not making many friends or influencing any people by keeping your lips together when you should be exploding with radiance.  No number of laps in the pool or time at the salon is going to fix this problem. What you need is the most discreet oral appliance for tooth straightening available today: Invisalign.


Invisalign: Putting Perfect Smiles on Perfect Faces

Before Invisalign, your options for straightening your smile were limited.  You had braces on one hand and, if the problem was limited in scope, minor dental appliances like retainers on the other.  Both of these tools were really pretty limited in what they could do for adults with active social lives because of the high visibility factor.  Everywhere you went, your friends and social connections knew that you were having work done to your mouth.

Invisalign changed all that.  Instead of sharp brackets that are permanently glued to your teeth, you get custom-molded aligner trays that you can remove at will.  But that’s not the only awesome thing about this particular dental technology. Here are a few other things that make Invisalign a game-changer:

Easy care and cleaning.  Because your Invisalign trays can be completely removed from your mouth, you can clean them completely and in just a few minutes.  Braces are frustrating to clean, since every bracket needs to be brushed and often brushed again to get the spots you missed. It can take up to a half hour to get it right with traditional braces, but not with Invisalign.  

Fewer visits to the doctor.  Your schedule is packed, that’s why you’ve put off having those unsightly teeth tended to for so long.  All the appointments are just difficult to get in between baseball games, hockey matches, piano recitals and PTA meetings.  Don’t worry, most of the work of Invisalign is done by you, at home. You only need to stop in every four to six weeks for a tune-up.

No food or drink restrictions.  Braces, and even retainers limit the types of foods and drinks you can consume without risking food getting caught and causing embarrassment beyond the dental appliance itself.  If you have any enamel damage from braces, well, there goes your nightly glass of red wine. Invisalign doesn’t hurt your teeth or your pride. You can even leave your trays at home when you go out with friends or to gatherings.

Ultimately, it’s up to you.  Crooked, gap-toothed smiles could be very in next year, these things are hard to predict.  But, the chances are good that they’ll remain perennially mortifying. Straight teeth never go out of style — they’re like the little black dress of the dental world.

Beautiful, Straight Teeth With a Side of Discretion

No one has to know that you’re using Invisalign and you can get results in about a year if you really stick to the program.  These are the absolute best reasons to give it a try. After all, you don’t want your new teeth to be the newest scandal around the clubhouse.  At least, not until they’re beautiful, straight and brilliant.  Then let the conversation begin, you’ll be all smiles.

The offices of Drs. Krieger and Hur are thrilled to be able to offer Invisalign to our sophisticated patients.  After all, it’s more than just a friendly greeting that’s riding on your smile, it’s your reputation and that of your family.  Call us today at 201-560-0606 or send us an email to find out if you qualify for Invisalign.  It’s clearly a new way to revolutionize your smile.

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