There’s big “benefits” to good oral health

Prevention is far better than cure when it comes to dental health. Studies have proven neglected oral health is often the precursor to serious chronic diseases.

Oral health neglect leads to an overall to serious health issues
80% know that delaying treatment now will cost more in the long run

Poor dental habits result in cavities, loss of teeth, and painful inflammation of gums. Since your pearly whites are the first step in the digestive process as you chew your food before swallowing… any infections in the mouth lead to a gateway of infection in your major organs.

The most common diseases seen are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, stroke, and dementia. You can also experience intestinal failure, as well as irritable bowel syndrome.

The Office of the Surgeon General mentions oral and facial pain can lead to gingivitis. If not treated properly, it could can result in tooth loss. Today, over 75% of the U.S. population are affected by advanced gum disease.

Other studies show women who suffer from gum disease experience a higher incidence of pre-term, low-birth-weight babies. It is thereby important to arm yourself with knowledge about oral hygiene to prevent unfortunate circumstances causing irreversible damages.

Attaining the two perfect rows of pearly whites do not happen overnight. You will need to rigorously keep up your flossing sessions alongside proper brushing technique on a regular basis. You must never miss your biannual dental appointment for teeth cleaning and a check up.

In addition to regular treatment, cosmetic changes might need to be performed. This could mean realigning that wayward tooth or whitening the entire set after you have kicked the smoking habit.

75% of the U.S. population are affected by advanced gum disease.

Our teeth are definitely not maintenance free… there is a whole lot of work involved on a consistent basis. Keeping our teeth does not come free. There are necessary fees involved when you visit your dentist and have them check your teeth. Yet 80% of people will delay treatment knowing it will cost more in the long run.

Dental benefits to your oral health rescue

But, this is not something to worry about. Most of us who hold a regular job have our fair share of company benefits. This includes medical insurance and other health benefits. Some of you might have left your dental benefits sitting in the corner of your mental cabinet since there is no urgent need to use it.

If you happen to be a resident of Franklin Lakes or the surrounding areas in Bergen County you should make the most out of your dental benefits by giving the office of Dr. Krieger and Dr. Hur a call.

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Dr. Krieger has amassed more than 500 hours of advanced training and continuing education in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. And with him, learning does not stop as his office strives to deliver the best new dentistry techniques and technologies.

There are many procedures offered at the office of Dr. Krieger and Dr. Hur, and Invisalign is one of them. Invisalign has built up a reputation of being the gold standard in dentistry where braces are concerned, moving your wayward teeth to the desired position. Invisalign has been specially designed and made of clear material, hence, no one will know that you’re wearing the aligners. This is a far better option than traditional braces, especially when it comes to convenience and effectiveness.

Other procedures offered by Dr. Krieger and Dr. Hur include preventative services, restorative services such as fillings, onlays and crowns, bridges, extractions, dental implants, periodontal therapy, and root canal therapy. Cosmetic services such as Invisalign, whitening, and veneers also enhance your smile.

If time is of importance to you, paying a visit to the office of Dr. Krieger and Dr. Hur jives with your philosophy. You will be able to enjoy both quality and efficiency since less visits are required. You will know what is going to happen before the procedure as the staff walks you through your treatment plan. So even those who suffer from varying degrees of odontophobia or an irrational fear of the dentist, will be comfortable and at ease through the entire experience. In addition to expert service, the office of Dr. Krieger and Dr. Hur is a name that is connected to many PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans.

Maximize your dental benefits

The majority of the dental plans offered happen to run on a calendar year. As the clock ticks past December 31 to usher in the new year, your dental benefits will expire. Since there are roughly more than two months remaining in the last quarter of the calendar year, you might want to dust off your employee handbook and revisit your company’s policy about dental benefits. Maximize your dental benefits before they expire. Take full advantage of it with a local dental office as experienced as the office of Dr. Krieger and Dr. Hur.

Remember, there is no second chance in making a first impression. You better arm yourself with a million-dollar smile before going to that lunch meeting with clients. You’ll seal that deal without a doubt.

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