Clean Your Retainer! Do it!

As you know, we offer Invisalign, which shares some characteristics with retainers, and is often followed by retainer use at the end of the therapy. You wouldn’t believe some of the funk I’ve seen on these and other types of retainers. Kids and their ability to create biological hazards never fails to surprise me. It should, but it doesn’t…

Anyway, since I came across this article that has some really helpful advice about how to clean a retainer or retainer-like things, I thought I’d share it here (just in case your kid is one of the ones that needs a little extra push). I’m sure that plenty of you have had to deal with the tray and retainer cleaning process.

Trust me on this, there’s little in this world as gross as a retainer owned by a teenager. I mean, there might be something more deadly, like biological weapons, but not more gross. I try not to think about it too much, but it’s sort of my job to keep your whole family in good oral health. So, today I’m thinking about it — for you — even though it’s going to ruin my appetite.

Even if no one in your family has a retainer, this advice applies to tray systems like Invisalign, too. Cleanliness is next to perfect teeth and a glimmering smile on the ladder to Godliness. Instead of leaving those science experiments waiting to happen to fester, make sure you read this article from HealthLine. It talks about how to clean lots of different retainers and, most importantly, what will happen if you don’t.

Excuse me. I need to go take a shower now.


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