Handling Spent Invisalign Trays

We do a fair number of Invisalign treatments here at the office and something that no one ever really asks me is what to do with trays when they’re done being used for alignment. Not that I’m the world’s best Pinterest dad, but you’d think it would come up more often, don’t you? Maybe people are just so pleased with their treatments that they keep their trays as little badges of honor.

But, in case you’re too afraid to ask or you’re afraid you might hurt my feelings, I dug up some materials on what you can do with Invisalign trays after you’re done using them. Remember to always disinfect anything like this that has been in your mouth for an extended period before using them in arts and crafts. But, hey, if you come up with something really original, we’d love to see it!

Ok, now that we’re alone, let’s talk about Invisalign. Or, rather, what happens after Invisalign. If you’ve still got those old trays laying around, you probably see them now and again and wonder to yourself how you’re supposed to dispose of them or if there’s some way to use them again. That’s what we’re here to answer.

First of all, you shouldn’t just pop them back in because it’s highly likely that they’re going to fit improperly. If you want new trays, come to me and let me make the right ones for your mouth. But, more importantly, you’ll be relieved to know that you can just toss these things in the trash as you finish with them. I’m pretty sure they can’t be recycled, at least not yet, but you could repurpose them into modern art, a dental-themed wreath or even some sort of desk sculpture that would probably really bother your co-workers.

Here’s http://www.teethfaq.com/ I promised you, but I want to see those creative uses of Invisalign leftovers, ok?

Source: http://www.teethfaq.com/should-keep-invisalign-trays/

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