Toothpaste Can Do Anything!

We talk about a lot of heavy stuff on Facebook and the blog, so today I thought I’d find something a little more down to earth and maybe even useful for you guys. As it turns out, toothpaste is kind of a miracle cure for everything from scrubbing the face of diamonds to sticking posters on the wall (I did not know that was possible!).

I have a list of 42 things you can do with toothpaste besides cleaning your teeth. This could be a game-changer for some of you — after all, haven’t you been looking for a better way to style your hair while adding a minty aroma or strengthen healthy fingernails? All the lifehacks you can imagine (well, 42 of them) are live today on the blog. Hooray, toothpaste!

First off, I want to say that I kind of hate the word “lifehack,” but I also recognize that sometimes there’s not a better word to use when it comes to things like uses for toothpaste beyond your mouth. When I came across this article, I couldn’t believe how many opportunities I’d let slip away from me by being so incredibly unaware of the almost magical properties that toothpaste possesses. Of course I thought of you right away and put this on my list of things to blog about.

Our friends at Carefree Dental put a lot of effort into coming up with a list of 42 things that you can do with everybody’s favorite paste, from cleaning jewelry to skincare and even removing scratches from CDs and DVDs (do people still use those?). Of course, as your dentist, I’m going to tell you that the highest and best use for any toothpaste is to stick it in your mouth and scrub, but even I’ve been guilty of trying a new brand or flavor and really regretting it.

So, if you have an extra tube just laying around, hey, might as well see if any of these work, right? Report back, we’d love to know what you find out!


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