A Little Ditty About Fluoride

Unless you’ve been camping under a rock somewhere, you’ll recognize the word “fluoride,” and probably have some kind of opinion on the subject of fluorination. As a dentist, I am, of course, in huge favor of fluorination for public water supplies. That’s my bias right there. Even though I’m inclined to support fluorination for all, I also think it’s important to continue to study the effects of this mineral over the long run. New evidence, maybe a new opinion?

Anyway, I was thinking about fluoride the other day, so I went looking for some information I could share with you all on the subject. There’s a lot to learn about the magical stuff that we dentists love for its ability to prevent tooth decay.

So, quick survey. Do you support fluorination of the water supply?

Why or why not?

You can bet that when I’m dealing with children’s teeth, I’m always going to put my money on number nine! That is, number nine on the periodic table of the elements, otherwise known as fluoride. There’s been a lot of controversy over fluoride over the years, especially when it comes to adding it to the public water supply. I’m here to tell you that fluoride is awesome, it protects teeth against tooth decay and, unless you drink an unhealthy amount of water, you’re not going to get sick from fluoridated water.

Of course, you can find fluoride in other places, like toothpaste and mouthwash, and the stuff I use in the office. The big advantage to adding fluoride to the water is that even squirrely kids who don’t want to brush their teeth (with that fluoride toothpaste) will still get adequate protection against tooth decay and cavities. There’s a lot to like about this basic element, even if you didn’t do so great in Chemistry.

Check out this great page by the American Dental Association. It even features a giant toothbrush. What more could you ask for?

Source: https://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/f/fluoride

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