Are You a Toothpaste Connoisseur?

You know, as a dentist, I spend a lot of time trying to convince people that they need to brush more often and do a better job when they do. Inevitably, I hear all sorts of excuses, from lack of time to sensitive teeth and — not surprisingly — that patients don’t like the flavor of toothpaste.

I admit that basic mint toothpaste can taste pretty awful, depending on the brand, but with online shopping, you have options. So many options. For example, you could start brushing with cupcake flavored toothpaste or even chocolate. You might as well brush with cake frosting!


See how many different flavors of toothpaste you could be sticking in your mouth.

Cruising the toothpaste aisle will give you lots to think about. There’s toothpaste for sensitive teeth, toothpaste for whitening, toothpaste for healthier teeth, “pro” toothpaste (whatever that is) and even toothpaste made just for kids. Presumably, these different types of toothpaste cater to a specific dental need, but they’re all basically the same flavor (except kids’ toothpaste, they get all the good stuff). Mint. Minty mint mint. That’s all you have.

Oh, once in a while you’ll find a “vanilla mint” or a “cinnamon,” but that’s about the extent of the variety at most department stores or pharmacies. What if, instead of mint, your toothpaste tasted like steak? Would you be more likely to brush your teeth throughout the day? I know I would. As it turns out, there are lots of flavored toothpastes, you might just have to pop on to Amazon to get them to your home.

Personally, I’m gonna look for #19 in this Buzzfeed list. Which one do you think would encourage better brushing habits in your home?


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