Technology Meets Good Taste: 3D Printed Teeth

Imagine a world where you can walk into your dentist’s office and have a complete image of your mouth fed directly into a computer. Imagine finding a structural problem in that model that needs attention — a tooth that’s headed for imminent failure, for example. Imagine a printer making a crown, veneer or overlay that matches your mouth perfectly and does so in a matter of minutes to hours. Now hold your surprise because this isn’t the stuff of science fiction: this is the reality we live in. Advances in 3D scanning and printing technology allow your dentists to create everything you need to show your best smile to the world, custom fit to your mouth.

How Does 3D Imaging Technology Work in the Dental Office?

The latest and greatest in technology, 3D scanning allows your dentist to get an exact image of your mouth. From your teeth to the gums that frame them, every detail is registered in clear detail. While X-Ray technology can afford a fairly decent view of what’s going on structurally with your teeth, it’s hit or miss when it comes to aiding in more sophisticated procedures.

The lack of clarity in X-Ray imaging regarding fit and feel is part of what adds time to the process of getting a crown, veneer, bridge or overlay. Not only does your dentist have to take additional specifications to create teeth, but the actual fit and comfort has to be checked and double checked. With 3D imaging technology, a lot of the trial and error is removed.


3D Printing Creates Teeth on Demand


If you’ve never had to replace a lost or broken tooth, you’re lucky enough to not know the embarrassment of having to walk around for a few weeks with a missing or damaged tooth. You start to second guess every smile and may find yourself avoiding conversation all because of the fear of someone catching a glimpse of a tooth that’s under construction, so to speak. Prior to the advent of 3D printing technology, that suffering was part of the dues you paid to get a stellar smile.  

3D printing — in conjunction with 3D scanning and imaging — allows you to get the tooth you need and deserve in the span of one office visit. Gone are the days where you have a visit to get the work done and then wait a week or two for your tooth to be made and shipped to the office for installation. New tech allows your dentist to do it all on-site and in a mere fraction of the time.


Seamless Integration Into Your Smile


Tooth-related upgrades and repairs created off-site aren’t always subtle. In addition to the potential for fit issues that necessitate fine tuning, the color of lab-created teeth can be so far from matching your natural smile that the repair is even more glaringly obvious than any damage you’re trying to fix.  3D printing makes it easy for your dentist to match not only the shape of your mouth, but the color of your teeth, as well. The hit your self-confidence takes while waiting for replacement teeth to wear and age enough to match your other teeth is gone: 3D printed teeth can be made in just about any hue from bright and dazzling red carpet-ready white to down-to-earth coffee enthusiast cream.


We Use 3D Technology to Streamline Your Life

The office of Drs. Krieger and Hur has invested in the latest 3D imaging and printing technology to make your dental visits as quick and painless as possible. Whether you need to pop in for a quick fix or run your child in for a repair between after-school activities, we’ve got you covered.

Among the reasons we’ve leveraged the latest technology is because we know you and your family lead busy lives. We’ve made it a priority to get you in an out of the office as quickly and easily as possible. It’s just as easy and quick to get in touch with us — just reach out today by phone at 201-560-0606 or via email to schedule your next appointment.  

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