Make This Thanksgiving One to Remember

Thanksgiving is one of the few times a year where the whole, extended family can clear their busy schedules and come together to catch up over a delicious meal. While it’s alway the hope that the turkey you’ve worked so hard to prep takes center stage this holiday season, your family is also looking to you to see how you’ve changed. One of the best ways to make Thanksgiving a memorable affair in the very best of ways is ensuring your smile is bright and radiant.

The Importance of a Dazzling Smile for the Holidays

Think back to the last time you saw someone you hadn’t interacted with all year. One of the first things you probably noticed was all the ways their appearance changed: a new haircut, perhaps, or whether they gained or lost weight and yes, how their smile looks. It’s normal for us to notice changes to the physical characteristics of those around us and make judgements based on those changes — in fact, it’s a psychological certainty that helps us to make educated guesses about how our friends and family are doing.

If you’ve been meaning to get into the dentist, chances are good your smile is looking less than stellar. Even teeth that are in the very best of shape can benefit from a routine cleaning to make them shine. Booking an appointment right before the busy holiday season is a great way to give your best smile to the aunts, uncles and cousins you haven’t seen since last Thanksgiving.

Part of a Healthy Holiday Routine

Just like a quick trip to the hair salon to make sure your hair is perfect, a regular visit to your dentist should be part of your pre-Thanksgiving self-care routine.  In addition to making sure you look your very best, it also allows you to catch — and address — any problems that might be brewing. Nobody wants to spend their Turkey Day rushing in for an emergency appointment to fix a chipped tooth, broken crown or crumbling filling.

Even if you abstained from binging on candy at Halloween, Thanksgiving marks the start of a busy holiday season fraught with obstacles that can wreak havoc with your smile. Coffee, tea and cranberry sauce can tint teeth unsightly shades. Starchy dishes like cornbread and stuffing, as well as the sugary desserts that are a staple of holiday celebrations —  feed bacteria that contribute to decay. And don’t discount the damage the acid in coffee and tea can do.

While regular brushing and flossing can help minimize the impact Thanksgiving meals have on your smile, good dental hygiene isn’t always enough to keep your smile bright and shining during the winter months when you’re running the gauntlet of one holiday celebration after another. A visit to your dentist can head off cosmetic problems before they occur.

Insurance Against Embarrassment


While a dental emergency might be a minor inconvenience on average days, the whole experience is even more memorable and catastrophic when it occurs on a holiday. Not only is it time consuming and miserable to spend your holiday in the dental chair fixing an emergency, it’s also mortifying. Avoid the embarrassment of making this year the one your family remembers as “that time our hostess had to go to the dentist” by getting your teeth a seal of approval prior to sitting down at the family table.

If you’re not the only one with a dental emergency that day — the odds of which are high — you might have trouble getting in to be seen. Rather than spending the day in misery and pain and staining the memory of what should have been a wonderful day, it pays to make sure your teeth are in peak condition prior to the holiday weekend.

We’re Here to Help

Drs. Krieger and Hur are here to help your Thanksgiving plans go off without a hitch. Whether you need a routine cleaning to spiff up your smile or some maintenance to make sure your holiday meal goes off without a hitch, we’ve got you covered.

Because we know the holidays are best spent with those you love, we’ve made use of the latest technology to get you in an out of the office as quickly as possible. We’re easy to reach via telephone at 201-560-0606 or by email.  Touch base with us today for priority booking!

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