Tips For A Better Brushing Experience

You bought that electric toothbrush because you heard it would help you clean your teeth much more effectively, but is it really doing that great of a job? Maybe it’s not the tool, but the technique you’re utilizing.

Personal oral care has come a long way from chew sticks and the family toothbrush, but even in a world where high powered electric toothbrushes are accessible to almost anyone we still want a better clean. Of course we do, we deserve it, too! So far, there’s not really a better toothbrush out there, but there are better ways to use the electric toothbrushes that you already own.

Dr. Gregg Frey, an orthodontist based in Pennsylvania, put together a great blog about exactly how to use each type of electric toothbrush on the market to its fullest, including helpful photographs to illustrate his points. I have to admit, I was really impressed when I saw it — so much so that I figured you might want to see it, too. After all, there’s little you can do that’s more important to your oral health than brushing well.

Here’s the link to his blog post, take a look and pick up some pointers on using that electric toothbrush better.

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