Are You Using the Best Toothpaste?

There was a time when buying toothpaste was simple.  There were just a couple of brands and they only had one or two varieties, at best.  Usually that second type was brightly colored and bubblegum flavored in the hopes it would encourage kids to brush more.  Today, you can get toothpaste that tends to a whole array of specific dental needs, using a maddeningly long list of different ingredients, both active and inactive.

It’s intimidating, it is!  And it seems like there are more types of toothpaste showing up on the shelves of retailers every year.

Choosing between them can seem like an impossible task, but having a better understanding what each of the ingredients does can help a lot.  Of course, it’s important to ask your dentist what sort of toothpaste is best for your situation, but when you’re all alone in that toothpaste aisle staring down the stacks of tubes, it’s a good idea to be armed.  This easy to understand article from WebMD will get you started.

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