Why Tooth Loss Causes Jaw Protrusion

One of the biggest reasons we’re so concerned with your oral health is that over time, poor oral health can lead to serious medical problems. Those include some fairly scary stuff like tooth and bone loss that can permanently change how your jaw closes. This is no joke, guys. It’s serious business.

As your jaw bone begins to break down, the gonial angle increases, causing your chin to protrude dramatically. It’s not a good look at all, on anybody. Once this has happened, it’s really quite a process to restore your jawline and move your chin back into proper alignment. Continue reading for more about this and ways you can avoid jaw bone loss over the long term.

Why Tooth Loss Causes Jaw Protrusion

You’re never too young to talk to your dentist about tooth and jaw bone loss. In fact, studies have demonstrated that age plays a very small part in how much tooth or bone loss you’ll suffer, the biggest influence is oral hygiene. Keeping your teeth properly brushed, flossing regularly and keeping your dentist appointments will go a long way to helping you retain the shape of your face as you age.

I came across this Reddit post when I was wandering the web, like you do, and it struck me that we’d not discussed this vital topic yet on the blog. Really, though, the Reddit community did a great job at hitting all the high points, so I’m going to leave it to them to scare you into brushing better. Ha ha. But seriously, get an electric toothbrush and a flosser, they’ll go a long way to helping you prevent the kind of damage to your mouth that’s not easy to undo.


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